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General Questions

Can I finance more than just catering equipment?

Absolutely. Flexibility and adaptability are two key features of HSS Finance and this allows customers from a huge range of industries to enjoy the financial benefits on offer. If you’ve got a particular request, we’d love the chance to talk to you and work out how we can provide the perfect solution. HSS Finance is an affordable and convenient solution for:

  • Commercial commercial cooking equipment
  • Coffee equipment
  • Point of sale equipment and hardware
  • Stainless steel fabrication
  • Commercial furniture

How can I apply?

Once you know what equipment you need, or if you’ve got an upcoming project you’d like pre-approval for, applying is a quick and easy process which is most commonly completed using just the information on your driver license and medicare card. Applications can be taken through one of accredited retail partners, online or through one our our dedicated local HSS Finance consultants.

What information do I need to provide?

Depending on the amount, all we require is an ABN, driver’s license and one other form of photo ID.

How is HSS Finance different to other catering finance options?

It’s the combination of many convenient and cost-saving features all rolled into one easy-to-use package which sets HSS Finance apart from other finance options. Benefits such as no upfront costs or document fees are nearly unheard of within the finance industry. Add to this reducing weekly rentals and the flexibility of our 4 year term and HSS Finance truly is an affordable and hassle-free option.

It’s your finance, your way.

What does 'Net rent to own weekly payments' mean?

Because renting is a tax-deductible expense of running a business, this figure shows you the cost of renting the equipment once tax deductions have been considered. Renting is also an off-balance sheet expense which means using HSS Finance won’t affect your ability to loan money from banks or other lenders.

When does the rental agreement commence?

The agreement will commence on delivery of your equipment but the first direct debit will not be actioned until 4 weeks later. This allows further relief to cashflow and yet another industry leading initiative.

Where can I find an Accredited HSS Finance dealer?

There are many authorised HSS Finance dealers throughout Australia covering all industry types. Simply contact us for assistance and we will be happy to find you a local representative specific for your needs.

Available options during contract

After the initial 12 months, you are able to purchase all or some the equipment outright for an agreed value. Continue to rent and your repayments will automatically reduce by 5% each year with a $1 payout at the end of term.

Who covers the warranty on financed equipment?

Most items you purchase should come with a manufacturer’s warranty or dealer’s warranty. In the event of an issue, please contact your delivering dealer or contact us for assistance with the matter.

What if I want to sell my business during the contract?

You can purchase the contract outright at any stage or we can assign the contract over to the new owner who will take over the repayments from where you left off. Our team is happy to offer assistance during this process so please contact us anytime. There is a small one off assignment fee of $295.

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